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Dating all your suppliers can be tiresome work, essentially what you need is to invest in a committed relationship that will enable your hotel to live happily ever after.

A long term solution

The secret is to have well thought out integrations, be open minded and partner with the best of breed and allow your PMS provider to do the dating for you so you, the hotelier, can choose the best match for you.

“At Guestline we are very privileged to have this great working partnership with many other hospitality providers. We have dated quite a few and we are confident in recommending the service of those partners who are as committed to their product and the customer service they will deliver as we are. When looking at their hotel tech requirements, hoteliers often tender many products and may not realise that there is overlap and gaps with their total selection. At the core of these integrations, we, as the PMS provider need to know and advise the client of the workings of each product they are considering ensuring they have the complete solution they need to future proof their business, to better manage the guest journey and to automate operations, whilst boosting their employee engagement.” Says Clio O’Gara, Country Manager Ireland at Guestline.

A match made in heaven

A match made in heaven is truly powerful in that it can serve a greater good beyond the goals of just one company. Guestline recently hosted a partner day, bringing together a selection of their integration partners in Ireland, to meet, engage, share product knowledge and host demonstrations, as they learned about the changing trends in hospitality and how hoteliers can get the best from their technology stack.

“CBE has have been working with Clio and the team at Guestline for many years to deliver the best integrated solution for hoteliers.” Says Paul Kenna, Hotel Product Manager with CBE. “Thanks to our working relationship, we have become more informed on the needs of the hotelier and have been able to adapt and innovate products to best suit their changing requirements, from room posting right down to the detailed items, total end of day integration and seamless reporting across all till points. We work incredibly well together to deliver a tailored approach for hoteliers with different needs and aspirations for their business.”

How can tech better serve your guests and staff?

The industry is bursting with tech solutions to enable hoteliers to better manage their business. With the added layer of Covid, there never has been a better time for hoteliers to take note of their tech stack and integrations, to ask themselves if their tech is meeting their needs, are there overlaps (which may lead to financial savings if eliminated), how can they better serve their staff and customers, whilst also keeping up to date with advancements that will keep them ahead of their competitors?

Simplify the process for hoteliers

“We are here to help” says Clio. “As the PMS provider we’ve done the homework for hoteliers and have become well known for our agile approach to integrations. It’s never a one size fits all attitude. Our aim is to simplify the process for hoteliers. Not only have we removed all barriers by publishing an open API that makes it as easy as possible technically to integrate with us, we’ve asked the questions, trialled the products, taken the time to understand how they work and our team have built relationships with the people behind the products, enabling us to choose the best ones to partner with. For instance, Guest Revu are a great Reputation Management tool that helps to drive great rates and occupancy. When integrated with Guestline Rezlynx PMS, the two-way interface sends out the review to the guest 20 mins after departure. The review then comes back into a portal where the hotel can manage all guest reviews on one platform whilst the guest comments pop into their guest profile in the PMS. This is invaluable data for hoteliers to have and it can be seamlessly managed and enhanced through the PMS.”

Enhance your offering

Guestline are always looking to industry developments that can enhance the Guestline offering whilst giving hoteliers back ‘More Guest Time’. Snapfix, a property building and management software company, allows hoteliers to keep on top of reactive maintenance issues through a handy app. “Snapfix helps hoteliers manage and simplify their buildings, facilities and equipment. I was delighted to attend Guestline’s partner day to meet their other partners and to better understand how integrations work. It was truly eye opening to discover the capabilities and benefits a two-way integration between Rezlynx PMS and Snapfix would deliver to hoteliers.” Says Andrew O’Connor, Enterprise Sales Manager at Snapfix.

Choose your long-term partner wisely

Remember, choosing a PMS is a long term commitment. It’s not a first date, you will be together for quite some time. It’s about choosing the right PMS relationship and partners to celebrate the success with. The relationship that makes every-day life simpler and your day less stressful. Start by choosing the right PMS foundations and then evolve, one partner at a time.

The other partners at Guestline’s Partner Day were For-Sight, Right Revenue, AskSuite, Avvio and ResDiary.

About Guestline

Established 30 years ago, Guestline provides innovative property management, guest engagement and distribution software to the hospitality industry. Founded on cloud technology, Guestline's revenue generating solutions enable independents of all sizes and small hotel groups to achieve maximum occupancy at the most profitable rate.

With offices in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Thailand, Guestline's property management software is currently growing revenues in businesses in 25 countries across five continents. The range of solutions include Guestline PMS, CRS, C&B, Channel Manager, EPoS, IBE, GuestStay and GuestPay. Additionally, Guestline's PMS can be integrated with nearly 200 third-party solutions via an API.

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