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Opinion Article28 January 2011

Resorts - A Focus On Value

By Sophie Richard and Philip Bacon

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Richard and Philip Bacon

We have witnessed tremendous change over the last 30 years or so in the standard and nature of hospitality assets. What was acceptable in the past in terms of both physical product and the experience on offer has either become completely outdated or has undergone revolutionary change that has left things virtually unrecognizable. Leaps forward in technology, the ubiquitous presence of the Internet and the growth in new forms of communication and social media have resulted in an astonishing increase in consumer awareness, with customers of all types becoming more sophisticated and more demanding of those that serve them.

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Resorts - A Focus On Value | Part I of II

What is a Resort? How should the performance of Resorts be benchmarked and does this affect how we manage and value a Resort property? In the first of two articles we explore the Resort business model and where the value drivers lie.
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Sophie Richard and Philip Bacon

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