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Opinion Article 5 June 2013

A Hotelier’s Take on IATA’s New Distribution Capability

By Robert Cole, Founder of RockCheetah

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For decades, the airline reservation was the focal point for every automated travel itinerary. Despite considerable internet-enabled innovation, it still largely remains that way today. Now the International Airline Traffic Association (IATA) has embarked on it ambitious "New Distribution Capability" (NDC) initiative, with the stated objective to "define a messaging standard that will enable retailing opportunities."


Calling this initiative self-absorbed is a gross understatement. The page content of the NDC homepage mentions neither "travelers" nor "passengers." The NDC blog posts discuss passengers, but inevitably within the context of cost-recovery, yield and revenue optimization through the sale of unbundled services.

There are plenty of references to offering choice and customization (nothing wrong with that) but there is one term that is auspicious in its absence: "satisfaction." Discussion of how NDC can better integrate air travel with the rest of the travel industry to enhance the end-to-end experience is woefully absent.

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