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Opinion Article25 July 2013

The Latest and Greatest from Google: Offer Extensions

Add-ons built to generate clickthroughs and conversions for Hotels

By Frank Zamora, Account Executive at Vizergy

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By: Frank Zamora, Senior Paid Search Analyst

The newest addition to Enhanced Campaigns that Google has introduced is an incredibly valuable feature known as Offer Extensions. Previously in limited beta, this feature is included in the Adwords extensions platform, and is now available to the general public.

With the introduction of this recent feature, marketers and advertisers are especially excited, viewing it as a way to entice travelers with value specific deals via Google search.

What is it?

As mentioned above, Offer Extensions integrate deals with search, making it possible to attach a clickable coupon, rebate, or discount to any standard Google search ad. It's a catalyst that presents travelers with coupons that can be redeemed physically at the property location, after being printed out. It also looks to compete with other coupon websites such as Groupon and Living Social, except these deals are more concrete per Google Search.

According to Larry Kim, the CEO of search marketing company WordStream, new Google AdWords Offer Extensions are a much better option for advertisers.

He states, "Coupons mean more eyeballs and attention for advertisers. Even if users see your deal, save it for later, and forget about it, they've still interacted with your business and brand more than they might have if you didn't put out an ad offer."

How it works

Hotels attach a redeemable offer to their regular Google Search ad. When travelers click the "view offer" link, they're taken to a Google hosted landing page. There, travelers can choose either to print out the offer, or save it for later. These are pay-per-clicks, which are the same rate as usual, but as with other extensions, it can help your property stand out from the crowd, and be more prominent.

After the traveler clicks the offer extension they are taken to the landing page below.

How it benefits hotels

Google offer extensions are a great way to increase visibility and traffic for hotels. With the digital market as competitive as ever, any additional incentive that drives potential revenue should be utilized. Offer extensions give hotels the opportunity to position offers that create traveler intrigue with redeemed booking incentives. They also have the ability to purchase the deal, and save it for later. Saving it for later is a HUGE benefit for potential guests, because many people like to book in advance. By applying a promotional code to the offer, hotels can also give their guests the opportunity to reclaim it online while booking.

Three different types of customers that can all take advantage of this extension in different ways are as follows:

Business Traveler: This particular guest usually pre-books their stay or has their company book it for them. However, this guest is likely to be in a situation where a quick hotel search may be necessary. An appealing offer extension plays a huge role in this scenario, and very well could be the determining factor in booking.

Leisure Traveler: Booking in advance for an upcoming trip or event is not uncommon for this type of guest. Offering extensions utilizing certain promotional codes that the guest can take advantage of while booking online should be sought after. This gives your property the upper hand when the guest is deciding on the best option.

The Regular Shopper:This customer is still in the shopping phase and is looking around and making price comparisons before coming to a final decision. The "save for later" option would be of great value at this moment. The customer can see something that appeals to them and save it for future use, prompting them to return to the hotel site once they are ready to book.

For a more generic overview of Google Enhanced Campaigns, click here.


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