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Opinion Article24 May 2016

Connecting with guests - Don't miss that opportunity!

By Todd M. Noftall, Hotelier

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At every point of contact and with every interaction with your guests, you have the opportunity to impact their stay. Now whether or not that impact is positive or negative, completely depends upon the importance and value that you place on each of those opportunities.


Providing your guests' with great service is not just about executing the technical components of your job flawlessly. Great service is about creating a memorable experience and those memorable experiences start with making a personal connection. That is the opportunity that each guest gives you every time you interact with them. They give you the opportunity to make a connection.

You need to seize that opportunity whenever you can because you may not get a second chance. There are a variety of reasons why your guests will choose your hotel for their first stay, but when you seize that opportunity and make a connection with your guest, you will have started a relationship that will lead to a loyal and repeat guest.

Your guests do not need you to be the best at what you do; be it a Desk Agent or Waiter. But they expect, and more importantly deserve, to get the best of you with each interaction. Words like personable, hospitable and engaging cannot simply be platitudes or cliches. They must be a part of every interaction you have with your guests' and key components of your hotels service culture

First and foremost the hospitality industry is a people business. Every interaction you have with your guests' is your opportunity to positively impact their stay.

The only question you need to ask yourself is will you seize that opportunity or let it pass you by.


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