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Opinion Article 8 June 2016

5 tips to help you beat homesickness during travel

By Josephine Wawira, Consultant at Jumia Travel

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Travelling abroad or even locally but away from family and friends can sometimes leave you on edge and not fully enjoying the vacation. This is usually as a result of missing your loved ones and feeling lonely especially when travelling solo. Feeling homesick should not ruin your trip, especially with these 5 tips primed by Jovago, Africa's leading online hotel booking portal. Take a look.

  1. Get company

In most cases, loneliness will cause homesickness and thus avoiding being alone always helps. Share memorable moments and occasions with your companion to lift the weight off your heart and mind. Meet new people and make friends with them; when possible ask them out for a snack, coffee or sightseeing even when the situation demands going Dutch.

2. Dine from 'home'

Feeling like you can gobble down a horse the moment you come across your home food? Well, look around for a diner that makes your country's food and satisfy your taste buds with every energy you got. Treat your hosts by making them a special foreign meal; you might just be surprised what a good cook you can be.

3. Put pen to paper

Bring along your diary to document every experience from your trip. When homesickness strikes, scribbling your feelings can help you overcome the loneliness easily. Make use of technology to keep in touch with family and friends; communication apps such as Skype reduces the distance between you and your precious ones. My two cents? This is an act of expressing your utmost love to those you miss most.

4. Be rambunctious

Be high spirited by engaging in explorative activities. Avoid staying indoors when you can rather go hiking or swimming. Wander off and discover your environs; you might come across a pie in the sky. Go ahead and give your body a treat by having a massage in the best spa around. To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear, Buddha.

5. Have Galileo like patience

It is a normal thing to feel homesick. You are away from home and it's only expected that you will miss your people, your favorite couch and every other element of the place you call home. Remember you are away for a short while and throwing in the towel isn't the solution. Take each day at a time, enjoy every moment of your vacation. It is not easy but take the opportunity to have some alone time and reflect on your life before going back on the grind.

Josephine Wawira

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