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Opinion Article 7 October 2016

Great Service: Don't just contribute to it, commit to it!

By Todd M. Noftall, Hotelier

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Are you committed to providing your guests with Great Customer Service or are you simply a contributor.


Contributor: a person that contributes or adds something, in particular, to a cause, activity or job

Committed: feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job; wholeheartedly dedicated.

Everyone who works in a hotel should, at a minimum, contribute to your Hotels service culture by practicing the fundamentals of great service. But contributions are not what your guests want, nor should they be what you offer. You and your team need to be committed to providing great service to every guest at every opportunity, regardless of how short an interaction you have with them.

So how does that commitment manifest itself in your daily interactions with your guests?

To quote a few classic hospitality cliches; do you smile and greet every guest that you come across or do you go that the extra mile for your guests? As an example a very simple gesture which carries a huge impact is an anniversary or birthday card. How much effort does it take to have your team sign a card for your guest compared to the personal impact that it will have on your guest? The answer is it takes very little effort, but I guarantee that your guest will not forget it.

You would have created a memorable experience.

As leaders in your hotel do you take action and contribute to your hotels service culture when your scores are down or when negative reviews come in? Or are you committed to your Hotels service culture because you live it and practice it every day with every guest; making sure that the last guest you see for the day gets the same enthusiastic welcoming as the first guest you saw at the start of your day.

Do you maintain a presence in your lobby? Are you around when your guest are there? Do not miss those opportunities to interact with your guests on a personal level. Every conversation you have with your guests does not have to be hotel related. Why are they here? Where are they from? What are their plans for the night (or weekend)? A substantive conversation will start with either of those questions.

You would have made a personal connection.
For your hotel to succeed you and your team need to provide the kind of service that sets your hotel apart from the rest. Great service is all about making a personal connection and creating a memorable experience. But providing great service takes effort and takes commitment. You either do it or you don't. There is no in between. Being fully committed to a service culture that emphasizes personal connections and creating memorable experiences is one way for your hotel to rise above your competition and set yourself apart from everyone else. When it comes to providing great service to your guests do you contribute by smiling and maybe sometimes acknowledging your guests, or are you committed to creating memorable experiences for them? The choice seems clear to me.

I have committed to providing my guests with great service. Have you?

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