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Opinion Article 6 February 2018

What Winter Trends Do Hoteliers in Canada Need to Know?

By Lenka Trckova, Industry Manager at trivago

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From one end of the country to the other, Canada boasts perfect winter wonderland escapes. Whether it's observing rare wildlife, hitting the slopes, or just exploring one of its great cities, there are many reasons why travelers all over the world visit the Great White North this winter season.


We have compiled and analyzed search behavior data* for travelers on trivago to reveal where they're coming from, how long they're staying and how much they're spending for accommodation this winter.

Where do visitors to Canada come from?

According to our data, 78% of total searches to destinations in Canada have been conducted by domestic travelers. Within the top ten visiting countries, it's not a surprise that US residents dominate the chart with nearly half of inbound searches, followed by travelers from Australia, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. These ten countries account for 87% of all international searches, to destinations in Canada.

What destinations are travelers searching for this winter?

Ranking of the most popular winter spots significantly differs between domestic and international visitors. While Toronto is the most sought-after city for inbound travelers, Niagara Falls crowns the popularity list for Canadian residents. For both groups of travelers, ski resort areas boast popularity with Whistler, Banff, and Mont-Tremblant all in the top ten favorite winter spots.

What does the data say about traveler behavior?

Based on the average clicked price, user behavior shows that travelers from Canada are willing to spend $158 per night, on average, for accommodation. While for one night in the most popular destination Niagara Falls visitors spend on average of $155, for a winter paradise in Whistler searched prices climb to $503 per night. Looking at the Total Basket Value, for a stay in snowy Whistler Canadians pay on average 345% more than in other top ten destinations.

The data also reveals that domestic travelers look for trips with an average length of stay of two nights. Visitors seeking adventure-oriented destinations with proximity to various well-known ski-resorts search for the longest stays. Travelers visiting the home of the Winter Olympics are no exception: domestic and international travelers visiting Whistler pack their bags for three nights and six nights, respectively.

*data gathered from all searches in Canada between 1 December 2016 – 15 January 2018, for the period of 1 December 2017 – 28 February 2018. All prices shown are the average clicked prices selected by trivago users for a standard double room.


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Lenka Trckova

Lenka is a member of trivago’s Industry Management team for English-speaking markets. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and studied marketing communication and business management in the Czech Republic. She joined trivago to pursue her passion for the hospitality industry and is focused on supporting hoteliers to reach their online potential through marketing and technology.

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