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Opinion Article14 May 2018

The best holiday experience with family and friends in Tenerife and Majorca

By Ismael González Serrano, Journalist

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González Serrano

A memorable holiday


Only few islands can match the spectacular experiences available on a visit to Tenerife and the other popular islands of Spain. In Tenerife, for example, you can find a combination of beaches, gastronomy, architecture, volcanoes, and culture. It is the most visited island in the Canaries and the largest in the archipelago. Furthermore, it is the most populated island in Spain. The best hotels in Tenerife for families offer various packages to meet your specific need all year round. At Iberostar hotels, you can have weekend breaks, spa breaks, and also enjoy family holidays in Tenerife.

The climate of Tenerife is so spectacular you can spend your holidays there at any time of the year. Even in the winter months of December and January, Tenerife still has plenty of sunshine. The beautiful sites available include amazing natural and geographic landscapes, and timeless colonial architecture. Tenerife South and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the most popular tourist destinations. Incidentally, most of the hotels are located in this area. Tenerife is commonly known as the "Picuda Island" due to its shape or, perhaps, the "Island of the Eternal Spring" (isla de la Eterna Primavera) because of its beautiful climate all year round.
Visiting Tenerife in December will add plenty of sunshine, warmth, and amazing views to your holiday.

The landscape of Tenerife encompasses fascinating black sand beaches, seaside villas, fertile valleys, and even captivating volcanic views. Weekends and short periods of time are enough to explore the interesting and amazing attractions of this beautiful island.

Majorca and tourism


On the other hand, Mallorca (or Majorca) is another unique island located in the South East of Spain. It lies close to the Mediterranean sea. The weather is conducive all year round. It is the holiday choice of many people. Majorca is the largest Balearic island. Taxis from the airport cover every part of the island. It is recommended to book taxis ahead to save time and cost.

A family friendly island

Beautiful beaches and resorts line up the length and breadth of this amazing island. However, Majorca is not just limited to its beaches and resorts. There is much more. Delicious cuisines, adventure sports, and ancient landmarks are yet more things to explore. A stay in Majorca for you and your loved ones will be a memorable experience. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons many families prefer Majorca as a holiday destination. Since the weather is friendly, nearly all year round, you will experience plenty of sunshine days. In Majorca, there are white sandy beaches in contrast to Tenerife. But the two islands have their unique experiences to offer holidaymakers.

Relax and enjoy every moment

The heartbeat of Majorca is the Palma de Mallorca. Up to half of the population live here. The most interesting nightlife, shops, and restaurants are located in the streets of "The Palma". The Gothic cathedral is also situated in this area. Within a walking distance, you can find courtyards, palaces, and museums.

Sports and activities

Water adventure. Boat rides can be booked for a day, or for a shorter or longer period. The boats come in different sizes. There is the large or small catamaran and motor boats. The services on each boat is slightly different from the other. However, they all offer something unique and enjoyable. Some of the activities include a visit to different beaches, swimming, and lunch. At evenings, it is possible to go for a sunset view. Speed boats are also available. Furthermore, yachts are at hand for a sea experience. The yacht is ideal for families and other large groups.

Sports and leisure


There are a variety of sports in Majorca ranging from paint balling and go-karting to golf. For those who crave a more daring adventure, they can opt for coasteering, mountain biking and rock climbing. Majority of rock climbers visit Majorca in the autumn and summer months. A lot of the spectacular climbing sites of Europe are in Majorca.

The hill and coastal areas of this amazing island present different terrains to cyclists. Friendly weather conditions make it possible to ride many months of the year.

Relaxation on the beaches


The beaches of Majorca are, doubtless, one of its most sort after attractions. Swimming and sunbathing are the popular experiences. However, some people look for quiet spots along the shore to relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze. The beaches usually have resort centers attached to them. The most popular resort centers are the Port de Pollenca, Playa de Palma, Port d'Alcudia, Magaluf and Cala Millor.
Majorca and Time

Many of the ancient sites of Majorca are preserved. Some of them have been transformed to hotels while others remain in their ruined states. Nevertheless, two castles are preserved in their original conditions. These are the Bellver and Capdepera castles. The Royal Palace of La Almudaira opens its garden to visitors most part of the year.

Ismael González Serrano

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