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Opinion Article25 May 2018

How Caring For Your Staff Can Get Them More Engaged

How to improve your employee engagement

By Victoria Lim, Freelance Lifestyle Writer

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Just like every other business organization, it is essential for hotel management to truly care about their staff in order for them to be as engaged, productive, and as happy as they can be. Happiness in the workplace is important because a happy employee will go to greater lengths in order to accomplish their tasks and satisfy their managers.


What is important for you to know is that, while there are certain optional things that you can implement into the way that you deal with your staff, there are also obligations, such as a clear contract, health insurance, fair treatment, and so on.

Think of it like this – if you don't provide your staff with what they require, you will have a group of unsatisfied employees who don't like the job that they are doing, and therefore have no real reason to be motivated besides earning for a living. This is why you must show that you care for them, and encourage, stimulate, and reward them properly.

Fair treatment

Every single employee working in your hotel needs to be treated fairly and no different from anyone else. The Equal Pay Act says that both women and men doing the same job must also have the same salary.

Also, it is strictly against the law to discriminate disabled workers in any way. They must have the same opportunity for selection, testing, and getting hired as anyone else. Furthermore, in their case, you have to provide them with the right job accommodations so that they can do their best according to their abilities. The same goes for treating them in terms of benefits and promotion.

Support and rewards

If you check in with your employees constantly and offer them advice on how they can improve what they are doing, they will feel that you care for them, and therefore rely on you to help them when they are in trouble, instead of having the impression that they are on their own. It is also a great idea to hold regular training so that you reassure them that they are actually progressing with their job and skills.

Furthermore, every employ enjoys being recognized for making a difference and doing something good for the company. So, keep them up to date with how your business is panning out and celebrate when certain business plans achieve success. Acknowledge those who have done an exceedingly good job, and reward them properly for it. That way you will make them a lot more motivated, and generally improve their morale.

A proper pay

The federal law says that every employee that works in your hotel needs to be paid at least the minimum wage. Still, you should know that this law has its exceptions. This is the case, for example, with those that aren't subject to such a treatment for certain reasons.

Every employee that isn't categorized as exempt needs to be paid for their overtime in the amount of what is known as time and a half of what their salary per hour is. This accounts for those who have worked more than 40 hours during their work week. As for the exempt employees, they aren't entitled to overtime pay, but you should compensate them for their overtime hours.

A safe environment to work in

It is essential for every hotel manager to ensure the safety and wellness of their employees. Therefore, you must make sure that your hotel is not only in pristine condition for the guests but also for the staff. Furthermore, it is important that you inform and train everyone about safety and health measures. You can also pick a proficient employee and assign them to the job of being the Safety Officer. Also, if there is any misconduct within your organization, like, for example, bullying, you as a manager need to take care of it and root it out for good.

You must also know all there is to know about the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Professionals and Provider Rego underline the importance of your employees registering for an NDIS provider, in order to get the services that they need.

In the end, it goes without saying that you need to allow everyone in your hotel's staff a reasonable break time, and the right to go to the bathroom when they have to.

If you properly treat, motivate, and reward your staff, then you will build an engaged workforce which will do their jobs the best they can, and keep you and your hotel guests satisfied. Make sure that you regularly check in on how your employees are doing, offer them advice, and even come up with programs that can help them improve. A proper salary is something that goes without saying, and every reward an employee gets will make them more loyal and dedicated to your business.

Victoria Lim

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