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Opinion Article12 November 2018

Market Snapshot: Asia Pacific 2018

By Hok Yean Chee, Managing Partner at HVS Singapore

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Transaction activity has been observed to be on a downward trend from 2013 until 2017, owing to the transactions of Dalian Wanda China portfolio to R&F Properties. Since then, the frequency of transactions have been high, with 228 recorded transactions from 4Q2017 to 3Q2018, slightly lower than the 251 recorded the previous four quarters.


Geographically, the pick up in transaction activity can be attributed to the North Asia and South-East Asia markets, while Australia markets witnessed a slowdown. Reasons for the increase in transaction activity could plausibly be attributed to the increase in investment opportunities, potential for growth in developing markets, buyers willingness to meet seller's demands, amongst others.

Frequency and Volume of Hotel Transaction Volume

Over the period from 4Q2017 to 3Q2018, South Korea leads in number of hotel transactions with 65 transacted properties, 45 more than the previous four quarters. The increase comes despite weakening hotel market performance, indicating that investors' sentiment in the market remains optimistic. Markets across South-East Asia (including Maldives) recorded 27 transactions from 4Q2017 to 3Q2018, almost double the 16 recorded in the previous four quarters. With the exception of Philippines and Vietnam, all South-East Asia markets recorded more transactions in the last four quarters.

Article by Hok Yean CHEE , Ho Mei Leng , Jeremy Teo, Larissa Lam, Fan Yang, Kok Xin, Hemant Chawla, Stacey Zhu ,Chloe Pang, Deborah Rolland

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Hok Yean Chee

Hok Yean CHEE is Managing Partner at HVS Singapore. She has 30 years of experience in more than 30 markets across 19 countries in Asia Pacific, providing real estate investment advisory services for a wide spectrum of property assets. Her forte lies in providing investment advisory on hotels and serviced apartments including brokerage, strategic analyses, operator search, market feasibility studies, valuations and litigation support.

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