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Opinion Article19 July 2019

9 Unusual Things You Can Order From Hotel Room Service

By Kacey Bradley, Lifestyle Blogger for The Drifter Collective

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Hotel guests are looking for experiences, something authentic they can't get anywhere else. So create a stay to remember, starting with what guests can order from hotel room service. When patrons feel at home, which can be achieved through stellar room service, they're more likely to tell friends about the experience, write a positive review and visit again.

1. A Celebrity Pillow

At the Kimpton Palladian Hotel in Seattle, Washington, guests can fulfill their dream of cuddling up to a celebrity in 19th-century military garb. Celebrity pillows can be requested during any stay and include fan favorites like Bob Dylan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The idea is based on an episode of Friends from 1996. At check out, replicas are available for sale for those who get attached to their pillow companions.

2. An Impromptu BBQ

Towneplace Suites, a business-centric Marriot chain, offers all guests access to a full barbecue experience. Patios come equipped with Weber grills, essential tools, seasonings and more. The on-site market, open 24/7, also makes it easy to pick up last-minute grilling accouterments like wine, potato chips and chocolate. Grilling areas can accommodate an entire family and are ready to be fired up at a moment's notice.

3. A Beekeeping Experience

At the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan, guests have the opportunity to explore the extensive collection of rooftop hives with roughly 360,000 bees. At 20 stories above Park Avenue, the bees produce 300 pounds of honey that's harvested annually. The honey is incorporated into delicious dinner menus and treatments at the on-site Guerlain Spa. The experience also makes an important statement about the hotel's commitment to eco-friendly operations.

4. A Complimentary Nightcap

At Kimpton Riverplace Hotel in Portland, Oregon, guests hope to run into one of the hotel's most beloved employees — the Bedtime Butler. The Bedtime Butler operates multiple nights a week, but you never know when he might show up. When guests hear a knock at their door, they might find a selection of milk and cookies or a glass of apple cider with bourbon. Other goodies include Cognac, port, chamomile tea and chocolates made in Poland.

5. A Fresh Flower Bouquet

Guests can find comfort from home with a fresh bouquet of flowers sent from someone they love. Hotels that offer personal deliveries make patrons feel at home while allowing them to stay connected during their travels. The concierge typically handles flower requests, including for those who lack a specific room number. If a guest is out-and-about for the day, they'll be notified of delivery the moment they step foot in the lobby.

6. IV Infusion Therapy

HGU NYC has partnered with REVIV, a leading wellness provider, to offer guests health services like IV nutrient therapies and boosters. No matter what ails you, an all-in-one solution can be delivered directly to your room. The therapies center on renewing hydration, restoring nutrient levels and aiding recovery from ailments like hangovers or jetlag.

7. An Ice Cream Bar

The staff at Four Seasons Chicago go out of their way to make guests feel at home. One way they do this is with the Ice Cream Man, a favorite of kids and adults alike who goes door-to-door with sweet goodies. Guests can create their own custom sundaes complete with an assortment of popular toppings like sprinkles, cherries and whipped cream.

8. A Recording Studio

Music lovers can head to one of the Hard Rock Hotels to amp up their stay with a jam session. A program called The Sound of Your Stay allows guests to request and loan an arsenal of guitars, including vintage Telecasters, Jaguars and Stratocasters. Other equipment, like Mustang floor amps with effects, are delivered to rooms for an immersive recording experience. Beginners can play along with video tutorials to learn the basics of guitar.

9. An In-House Pet Psychic

At the Hotel deLuxe in Portland, Oregon, the entire third floor is reserved for guests who prefer to travel with their furry friends. The boutique hotel goes a step further and also offers in-house and on-phone consultations with a pet psychic. Patrons can learn what their four-legged companions are thinking about while also enjoying a life of luxury.

Today's room service is about offering up an experience. While guests might still want dessert or a late-night snack, they're more interested in authentic ways to connect with your brand. Whether it's sustainably-made honey or late-night cookies and Cognac, consider what guests want and how you can go above and beyond.

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