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Opinion Article12 November 2019

Give Me Some Relief

By John Ragsdale Hendrie, Customer Experience Facilitator at Hospitality Performance

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We in hospitality have a critical directive - provide succor and comfort to an American guest landscape which is suffering. The marketplace is in arrears; it is tired, unappreciated, fractured and downright scared. The next twelve months will be instructive, no matter the political party. But, make no mistake, people are nervous and worn out already. What a great opportunity for hospitality professionals to show their stripes and dedication to the craft.


Your guests seek diversion, care and consideration. You see them entering your establishment, whether hotel, restaurant or attraction/recreation. They are harried, smiles are fleeting, they seem a bit alarmed, worried, not quite the world on their shoulders, but thinking about it. They turn to you for that bit of light. You can now embrace them with your hospitality engagement. No secrets, just sincere effort and attention to make their day. Remember when the guest was king!

It all starts with the welcome. The wide smile, the warm words of welcome, your pleasure to have them with you and your encouragement to make their stay, their experience, memorable. This is merely the beginning, as now you must deliver.

Your product and service must be top drawer, few excuses, total effort to make your guest comfortable and fulfilled. You can watch the shoulders start to unburden. They are appreciated and beginning to relax. Do not stop with your "touches"; those should be evident throughout the encounter.

The finale of your engagement is the appreciation for the guest's business at your establishment and your verification that the experience was successful. You can see the change in their faces, in their disposition, in their words. Their soul has been replenished, and they are emboldened to face the day. We did our best and succeeded. C'est la vie.

John Ragsdale Hendrie

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