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Opinion Article30 June 2020

Ever Hopeful - The Life of a Hotel Doctor

By Mike Oppenheim, MD

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Years ago, I shared a Four Seasons elevator with Robert Duvall. He was reading a script, and I pretended not to notice.

I've received several dozen calls to see Four Seasons guests from travel insurance services over thirty years. When I leave, I do not introduce myself to the concierge.

The Four Season's house doctor is the only colleague who has been around longer than I, Myron Shapero, and he serves half a dozen premier luxury hotels. In the distant past I covered for him when he wasn't available. My records show 45 visits to the Four Seasons and several hundred to his other hotels. I loved those calls.

I retired in 2003 and unretired in 2007. During my absence he found someone else to help out. When insurance services send me to hotels that don't call, I remind the staff of my superior qualities. This has proved a good source of new clients but, ever hopeful, I don't solicit this doctor's hotels.

Mike Oppenheim

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