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Opinion Article15 September 2020

How the exclusive Malibu Beach Inn turned digital content—the “point of inspiration"—into a nearly seven-figure revenue stream!

The best part: 82% of the revenue is direct!

By Mike Keriakos, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Curacity

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In 2018, Gregory Day, GM of the Malibu Beach Inn (owned by Mani Brothers), took a bold and somewhat contrarian position to revenue management. Intuitively, Day understood that his customers often came after reading about the property from trusted publications like Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. He also knew that he would be excited to commission these publishers if he could reliably measure their efforts against downstream revenue.

Fast forward 24 months and this content solution—leveraging Curacity's Publisher Network and Customer Data Cloud—is core to his revenue management playbook. In 2019 alone, Curacity's Publisher Network drove almost $1MM in measurable revenue. This revenue—importantly—isn't achieved through outdated technology like affiliate links, cookies, or last click marketing, but through Curacity's proprietary data bridge, which connects encrypted first-party data from its publisher partners to property management system data from its hotel partners.

From August 2018 to July 2020, the Curacity partnership:

  • Originated 17MM email sends and 2.4MM email engagements
  • Drove 484 total bookings (82% direct, 18% indirect)
  • Drove $500K in direct revenue

About the partnership, Day writes: "Our experience in looking at Curacity's Customer Data Cloud as a way of enabling top-of-the-funnel marketing—the previously unmeasurable—to be a scalable and measurable part of the revenue mix has been phenomenal. As we look to look to expand our footprint beyond our existing portfolio, we see point-of-inspiration marketing as potentially the most important piece of our revenue strategy. For luxury properties like ours, OTAs don't really cut it. OTA clients traditionally shop for price and convenience (not experience), while affluent consumers are heavily influenced by the content creators and influencers they trust most."

About Curacity

Curacity is a data analytics company focused on the hotel sector. It’s mission is to scale and measure the point of influence in the customer decision-making cycle to drive direct bookings to it’s hotel partners.

Please reach out to [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss how Curacity can work with your exclusive properties!

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