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Podcast10 November 2020

Podcast: Emma Kenny: Bearing Up When The Chips Are Down

Elton Mouna: The Innovation Hunter

By Elton Mouna, Hospitality Podcaster

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1 min

Emma Kenny is a psychologist, writer, media commentator, television presenter and radio broadcaster (Credits: Resident psychologist ITV's This Morning, The People Watchers BBC2, Global, Wireless, Bauer). In this Podcast, she discusses with Elton Mouna the psychological impact of being in the hospitality sector (or indeed any business sector) at a time of crisis and how to recognise and understand the associated feelings. Expect sound practical no nonsense advice.

About the podcast

Focussing on the psychological and emotional issues within the hospitality sector at this time of crisis, together with a focus on the need to innovate with urgency, hospitality sector commentator Elton Mouna has created a four part podcast to positively steer people in the hospitality sector, or indeed any sector, through the choppiest waters business has ever seen.


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