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Opinion Article18 January 2021

How can you Prepare your Restaurant to overcome Future Crisis & Remain Resilient?

By Jefrey Walter, Dynamic leader|Food and Beverage & Culinary Management|Revenue Optimization

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An indispensable solution is "BE PREPARED". We have seen a crisis such as the COVID- 19 like never before, which will help us understand the importance of preparation and to act in accordance. The Hospitality industry was majorly hit, however, some food and beverage businesses tend to modify and adapt to the transitional changes and are successful. This article will discuss various factors to prepare restaurants to overcome the future crisis like the COVID -19 and become resilient.


1. Deliver to remain Resilient:

Post-Covid 19 successful Restaurants have converted their restaurants into food delivery outlets. This is because due to social distancing and lockdowns, businesses cannot reopen. Hence they have either started their own deliveries or settle an agreement with food delivery companies such as Zomato or Uber. However, the major goal was to sell the food and beverage and they have achieved it by following respective protocols. Moreover, instead of firing their staff, they have used them to deliver food and utilize them in different ways to remain strong. Even though some restaurants are open when lockdown restrictions are lifted, guests are small in number, so in order to satisfy all of them, it is imperative to go online, deliver, and follow safety and hygiene protocols for at least a year or more until the situation turns normal. The most important reason is that there is no guarantee. For instance, in the Uk, the restrictions have been lifted and all of a sudden a new covid variant appears, and sudden lockdown occurs. Therefore, it is best to focus on deliveries as opposed to a sit down at restaurants.

2. A walk-in Freezer:

One of the essential strategies is to buy or built walk-in freezers. Usually, the food which is kept in a freezer lasts for 6-12 months if stored properly at the right temperature. When you have a lot of food that might get spoiled in a chiller such as sauce, stock, or noodles, it is best to transfer them into freezer when a crisis occurs. Furthermore, contact your suppliers early regarding non-delivery due to crisis and order food that can be directly stored in a freezer for further use. In this way, you can prepare your restaurants to remain resilient. On the other hand, it is also important to control operational costs, electricity, water, etc.

3. Target Events:

Although restrictions and social distancing are adhered, people will continue to work, party, and organize events. In this case, hotels and other companies which cater to them may stop their service due to crisis and many other losses, but these are opportunities. Find out companies, families, and other major events and provide them your service with the best offers and discounts. I have personally seen that this is one of the keys in remaining successful during a crisis.

4. Hire Students:

Due to the pandemic, many students who are working on an internship or a part-time job have been majorly affected. Therefore, offer them valuable experience so that it is helpful to the organization and to the student. Unpaid internships are the best where passionate students will focus on delivering their efforts to gain knowledge and skills which may help your business to succeed. On the other hand, when the education goes online students might be more interested in spending their time in restaurants.

5. Modify your Restaurant Menu:

Your menu tells a lot. When you shift into a food delivery restaurant you should also focus on modifying your menu according to the delivery systems. Furthermore, it is important to provide offers and control costs using food portioning equipments. It is also ingenious to store many reusable plastic F&B cutlery and crockery in advance or order them acordingly. And more importantly, visit successful quick service and food delivery restaurants, analyze their objectives, take notes, and implement them in your restaurant along with your ideas.

Overall, the major strategies were discussed by which you can increase productivity and generate revenue despite challenges during a crisis. However, the eventual keys to success include PREPARATION & FLEXIBILITY which will majorly contribute to being a resilient business.

PS: This article reflects my personal opinion of the professional food and beverage workforce. @jefreywalter

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