Hotels are being forced to think more about the individual guest. How do you appeal to that guest through your web offering, through the pricing that you promote, through the way that you package services for that guest? How do you bring that guest closer to the amenities of your property? Revenue management and companies like ourselves are in a prime position here to help hotels to drive this much better.

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We need to continue with the innovations that we've brought that allow our hotel customers to think in a very personalized way about their customer.

  • If you are coming to stay for three nights, as opposed to one night, what does that mean in terms of the overall offering that you give to that guest?
  • If you are getting a guest that's booked through an online channel, maybe one of the channel management sites, how does that differ from the way that you look at the guest that maybe comes through a corporate program or maybe comes through a more bespoke leisure agency?
  • How do you think differently about somebody who's a gold member of your loyalty scheme versus a guest that may just be booking on a one-off?

These kinds of personalization, which we can deliver now with our partnerships with partners like Oaky, and with our partner PMS’, like Oracle and Mews, and others, give us this opportunity to drive that personalization and to continue to innovate with the hotel to the benefit of the guest.

Immersive Guest Experience

We're going to see more of this in the next two to three years. Where guests will have an immersive experience with a hotel that includes:

  • How they search for it
  • How they book it
  • How they pay for it
  • What they do during their stay
  • How they react to the property
  • How they return

We have long been innovators in web data. We were the first RMS and still the only one that integrates web demand data with our benchmarking and our forecasting tools to give the hotel a holistic view of guest behavior. And it's that combination of guest behavior, personalized pricing, and the offering that happens in the hotel and what happens around the guest's stay, that is key to driving personalization.

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