What city in the U.S. has the best weather? Arguably, San Diego has the most temperate year-round climate. This allows travelers and locals alike to enjoy the outdoors. Relaxing in the sun, working out in the great outdoors, sunset meditations, and yoga and wellness classes are just a few of the activities one can enjoy in San Diego. But what if you are in a market where the weather is not always great? It doesn’t matter, because wellness activities can be accomplished indoors when necessary as well.

We all have a need to unplug and get away from our daily grind or rituals of too much work, not enough play. Perhaps it is time for a retreat! This can be a zero-budget retreat or a destination spa resort, depending on your budget or priorities. The key is to enjoy some degree of peace, quiet and security as well as a period of some seclusion and solitude.

What do we need to do at the minimum to enjoy a wellness period? Get outside and walk, take a few moments to reflect on your day, and just relax, unwind, focus and recharge. Identify some reasons to be grateful for the people that bring you happiness and surround yourself with positive relationships. This can include people, books, activities and events.

Remember, even though we are in the hotel industry, there is stress. Some guests and employees create stress, there are ups and downs of business and let’s not forget, we all deserve that vacation we never took due to the pandemic.

There are different ways to approach this. My preference is to include high-energy workouts, basketball, running, cycling or swimming. Others may want to walk, read, relax and have a drink. My drink of choice is water during the day and a glass of wine with dinner, and if I can squeeze in a round of golf, it feels like I am on vacation!

A key ingredient to a successful wellness experience is to not worry if it is the right amount of time — start with a day or weekend if you like and if it is appealing, try a week or more! The bottom line is to avoid being somewhere at a certain time and just relax, whether it is for one day, one week, one month or more!

Yes, there are spa resorts all over the world where there are walking trails nearby, the ocean or mountains might be close and many activities are likely accessible. Alternatively, you may create your retreat by simply turning off your phone and computer for a while and doing something that restores your energy and love of life.

If you choose the spa resort path, your day may start with a hike or walk and may include exercise and wellness classes all morning. Healthy meals will be served and your afternoon may include pampering like massage, facials, pedicures or other spa treatments. Many spa resorts recommend detoxing from alcohol but it is your life and these spas can approach $1,500 to $2,000 per day.

There is no right and wrong way to enjoy life — it is your life! Make sure you treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation — I guarantee it will help recharge you! When you come back, your hotel or business will still be there, your team will appreciate your new perspective and you will feel great. I am not a personal trainer, nor a lifestyle coach but I feel like I am living the dream of being in a great industry and taking time to recharge when needed! Don’t forget that when you spend your dollars at a spa, resort or hotel, you are giving back to our industry!

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