EuroCHRIEEuroCHRIE is the official federation for Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and Africa of International CHRIE, the leading international organisation that supports education and training for the world's largest industry. EuroCHRIE represents 185 International CHRIE members. The European Federation brings together educators from hospitality & tourism management schools and universities into a global network in close co-operation with industry representatives. Under the CHRIE umbrella, both education and industry combine their efforts to shape the future of hospitality & tourism. EuroCHRIE offers an ideal platform to share information through conferences, publicationsand individual networking. The organisation's strength is based on its sheer force of sharing and exchanging ideas, visions, experiences, educational material, research and technological know-how.

Eurochrie conference highlights the increasing need for cooperation between the hospitality industry and education |

The 26th annual EuroCHRIE (European Council for Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education) conference was hosted at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management last week. Dubai was chosen as the venue for the first EuroCHRIE conference outside of Europe since the Council was established due to its status as the most exciting and vibrant hospitality and tourism destination in the world today.