SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources LLC


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific, SHR is a leading provider of meaningful technology that helps hotels execute their best revenue generation strategies. With a history of innovation starting with Windsurfer® CRS, SHR serves thousands of properties around the globe with CRS, booking engine, and revenue management technology and services. This includes an evolving suite of AI-driven solutions, ranging from high-level distribution to intricate guest management. In addition, the company offers Revenue Management for Hire to brands, chains, and management companies. SHR brings hoteliers nimble, real-world technology, intelligently supported by tested industry experts—keeping hotels competitive. 


Maverick CRM

Wave RMS

Windsurfer® CRS

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Nicole Adair, CRME

Director of Revenue Management Services at SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC

Rod Jimenez

Chief Executive Officer at SHR, Sceptre Hospitality Resources LLC