SHR (Sceptre Hospitality Resources)

SHRSHR is an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry. The company serves thousands of properties around the globe on its distribution platform, WindsurferCRS. With a focus on flexibility for the hotelier and creating a memorable experience for the guest, WindsurferCRS provides optimal functionality for all types of properties. SHR's Whiteboard Labs provides custom solutions for the hospitality industry, including custom booking engines, website design and development, and cutting edge applications. Hoteliers can tap into SHR's expertise and knowledge of the industry by utilizing the Revenue Management for Hire service—a cost effective revenue management solution for any property.

A CRS is a hotelier’s lifeline

By Estella Hale

For a hotel, capturing the right information drives marketing, pricing and forecasting, writes Estella Hale, Product Manager at Sceptre Hospitality. With an efficient central reservation system (CRS), a hotel can glean insights as to who, when, where and how often it has booking potential.