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Rainmaker August 2019The Rainmaker Group, a Cendyn company, is the premier provider of revenue and profit optimization solutions to the hospitality industry. Rainmaker’s intelligent profit platform helps hotels, resorts and casinos optimize revenue, drive increased profitability, save valuable time & outperform competitors. As part of Cendyn, Rainmaker offers a complete set of software services for the industry, aligning marketing, sales and revenue teams to optimize their strategies and drive performance and loyalty across their business units. To learn more about Cendyn and its suite of hotel revenue management and profit optimization solutions, visit or

Hotel Budget Planning: Use BI to Create a More Profitable 2020

By Kevin Duncan

Brilliant autumn leaves and that slight nip in the air signal the start of the fall season, and right along with it comes the start of hotel budget season. After 10 consecutive years of occupancy expansion, CBRE Hotels Research is projecting that hotel owners will experience a slight decline in 2020 due to the combination of limited demand growth and modest supply increases.

Revenue Management to Revenue Strategy: The Changing Role of RM in Hotels

By Kevin Duncan

With U.S. hotel occupancy levels registering record-breaking performance,1 hoteliers must get creative when it comes forging a path toward higher rates and greater profits. And they increasingly look to their revenue managers to chart the course.

Hotel BI: Applying Data Analytics to Real-Life Situations

By Len Wasserman

When it comes to analyzing your data, relying on manual methods - i.e. using Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets - takes too much time and is often inaccurate, fraught with human error. Hotel owners looking to accurately and efficiently improve business performance should consider implementing an automated business intelligence (BI) solution.


Kevin Duncan

Senior Director, Strategic Commercial Initiatives at The Rainmaker Group, a Cendyn company

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