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Five Essential Checkpoints For Successful Buy-Side Due Diligence

By Christopher Boinet, Anne Epinat and Christian Bardet

A proverb states that prudence does not avoid all misfortune, but a lack of prudence never fails to attract it. This is why due diligence is a vital step in buying a hotel. In a hotel acquisition context, the term "due diligence" refers to the investigations carried out by the prospective buyer.

The Practice Of Key Money In Hotel Management Agreements In France

By Christopher Boinet

In hotel management agreements, hotel chains and owners regularly negotiate what is referred to in the industry as key money. This is the case when competing hotel chains invited to tender by owners are prepared to invest significantly in the long-term management of high-end properties considered strategic for their development.

Personal data protection and the hospitality industry in France

By Christopher Boinet, Anne Epinat and Sarra Jougla-Ygouf

Hoteliers have a duty to use enhanced security measures to protect guests. This contractual obligation covers all aspects of guests’ private lives, from the protection of their person and property to the protection of their image and personal or confidential data.


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