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Indra USA, Inc

Indra is one of the world's largest consultancy and technology multinationals, a leader in Europe and Latin America and is expanding in other emerging economies, with sales approaching €3,000 million, it employs 42,000 professional and has customers in 128 countries. At the core of Indra’s hospitality practice is its Travel Management Suite (TMS), built on the world-leading SAP technology platform. The TMS services all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on-premise. It offers unsurpassed functionality for any business area, and it is open, configurable, scalable and modular. Hotels can start with any of the TMS modules and add-on as needed in the future, providing a more custom approach to enterprise management. Indra's "TMS for Hotels" suite provides modules for property management, events (sales & catering), point of sale, loyalty, spa, restaurant, purchasing, finance, etc. These modules can be added over time at the customer's convenience, leveraging the platform and implementation in place.

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