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Conscious Hospitality

Conscious Hospitality is an Educational Consultancy Company with the purpose of providing Educational Seminars and Programs in Leadership, Management and Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry. Our mission is to train in managerial and leadership skills the Conscious Managers of today and tomorrow.

We believe that management and leadership must be completely blended together and both are needed to promote organizational knowledge, learning and innovation in hospitality. These leadership programs focus in how to develop strong values and cultures, teamwork, better managerial skills and boosting creativity.

Sustainability, in this context, is viewed as a never-ending path that requires continuous improvements, new goals and innovation. But first, it requires knowledge and education, thus understanding the principles of environmental stewardship: energy management, water management, waste management, renewable energies, green buildings and architecture, certifications, sustainability in Food & Beverage and what are the rules of this new paradigm called "green marketing".

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