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SnapShot GmbHFounded in 2012 with the vision to build hospitality's premier data platform independent of any brand or software provider, SnapShot is now one of the largest hospitality data processors in the world, managing transactional data of over 6,000 independent and branded hotels worldwide, with over 45 different connected PMS systems, and growing. With the release of the Hospitality Data Platform, SnapShot enters its third phase, which brings forward its founding vision: a secure data platform, visualization capabilities, and marketplace.

What Makes Hotel Analytics Intelligent?

By Kristina S. Park

With the amount of data available in the hospitality industry, more and more companies are looking closer at the tools and solutions to help make the most of their data. We discussed in our previous article the importance of building a data strategy to stay competitive and there are still many more moments along that path to cover too.


Data Snaps - Tech is changing hospitality's competitive landscape

We all know about the high levels of competition in the hospitality industry whether its between hotel chains and independent hotels or booking direct or through OTAs. While the competition may seem daunting, with the help of advancements in technology and the implementation of smarter, tailored tech for all different types of hotels, hospitality players are finding ways to navigate the industry and strategize against the competition accordingly.

Data Snaps - Budget season thinking points

As each day passes, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. With so much data being generated in the world, it's a no-brainer that there's a magnitude of talking points. This week's interest in data comes from 3 main areas of hospitality: job landscape and how this is ever-changing, intelligent analytics making its way to budget season and lastly, how AI is revolutionizing the operations of Destination Marketing Organizations.

Data Snaps - What not to do with your data and technology in hotels

In today's advancing technological age, finding the right balance between technology and human touch is becoming more and more difficult, but also even more important than ever before. With the amount of technology available to the industry, it's tempting to simply find the newest and most innovative tools to streamline your business and cut as many costs as possible.


Kristina S. Park

Marketing Manager at SnapShot GmbH

Carson Booth

CEO of Berlin-based SnapShot GmbH

Janel Clark

Head of Education at SnapShot