Umapped ItinerariesUmapped is the groundbreaking collaborative itinerary management and experience platform used by leading global travel brands and travel professionals to engage with their customers throughout the entire travel lifecycle. The Umapped platform is white labeled for travel bands and consolidates bookings, curated content, and real- time context-sensitive information into a social and mobile tool for travelers. Umapped customers report an immediate increase in their productivity by up to 10x due to the collaborative features, integrations and real-time updates that are delivered to their clients. Travelers collaboratively build on their itineraries, share recommendations with friends and discover new experiences, making Traveling Together Better.

Collaborative Itinerary Management Unlocks Traveler Engagement and New Revenue

By Lisa Israelovitch

Traveler engagement is no longer a series of one-off transactions—it's an ongoing dialogue and experience. Consumers today want to interact virtually with products and brands in multiple ways. Social media content and conversations with friends and influencers is one of the first places people go for travel planning.

[Infographic] Small Screens, Big Opportunities for Travel Brands in 2017

By Lisa Israelovitch

Mobile has weaved itself into almost everything we do, so it makes sense that everyone is using mobile while traveling. Technology is changing more quickly than in perhaps any other time in history, and those travel brands and professionals that fail to innovate and adapt risk losing out to the competition, decreased profits or even worse, extinction.

Travel Companies Can Improve Revenues by Engaging Travelers on the Right Channels

By Lisa Israelovitch

Marketing, as we know it, has been rapidly evolving over the past number of years, and 2015 has been a year of significant change. The role of marketing has transitioned from an expense to an accountable revenue driver that is no longer just a data point on a report or a vehicle to fill the sales pipeline.


Umapped Releases Productivity and Revenue Boost Calculators to Help Travel Brands Quantify the Value of Collaborative Itinerary Management

As part of their ongoing commitment to helping travel brands and agencies grow their business, Umapped today announced the launch of their new Productivity and Revenue Boost Calculators. Using data from both Umapped customers and industry itinerary management experts, the award-winning collaborative travel itinerary management platform released the new resource to help travel brands uncover revenue and productivity opportunities that they may be missing, and the potential impact on their bottom line.

Umapped Enters 2017 Positioned for Dramatic Growth

2016 was record-breaking a year for Umapped, the award-winning collaborative travel itinerary management platform. The company announced today that it had achievements in product innovations, expanded partnerships and new client launches in 11 countries including Canada, US, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Travel Professionals International Launches Umapped at TPI Annual Conference

Umapped is pleased to announce that Travel Professionals International (TPI) has selected its award-winning collaborative itinerary management platform to streamline their advisors' workflow, generate incremental revenue and engage with their customers, inspiring continuous connections and relationships throughout the travel journey.


Lisa Israelovitch

CEO and co-Founder of Umapped