LodgIQLodgIQ™ is a start-up dedicated to providing advanced revenue optimization technologies to the travel industry. Their breakthrough next-generation revenue optimization platform, LodgIQ RM, was developed by seasoned travel executives and Silicon Valley technologists. LodgIQ was recently awarded the Golden Bridge Award for "Startup of the Year- 2016" in the Hospitality & Travel category.

“Netflix” your Revenue Culture

By Fabian Bartnick

When I was growing up, color TV was an essentially a commodity. We even started to have something called a VCR. TV's whilst in color were clunky, VCRs were just another clunky box underneath - however, it provided the first glimpse of freedom at that time as you were able to schedule programs you wanted to record (clunky, but it did the job).


Steven Rubin

EVP Operations and Partnerships at LodgIQ & NYU Adjunct Professor

Ravneet Bhandari

Chief Executive Officer at LodgIQ