Microsense Networks LLC

Microsense NetworksThe future is here, with immense potential for mobile computing and telecommunication. Considering this opportunity as a part in creating a technically advanced nation, we have committed ourselves in making a team that can deliver innovative solutions. We are an inspiring leader trusted for planning, implementing and maintaining, new wireline networking infrastructure and wireless LAN Solutions for wide range of customers, from premium hotels and resorts to large enterprises, SMEs and rural development initiatives with a global presence in 4 different countries. We take the lead and initiative in implementing new and upcoming technology especially for the hospitality industry, to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers. Having an industry presence of nearly three decades, we have acquired rich experience in handling networking technologies and products as well as alliances with reputed vendors of world-class equipment. This advantage is further strengthened by our technical and customer support services, a strong resource base and our nation-wide presence.

Micosense Networks: HSIA and OTT Combined in a Single Box

Microsense Networks is pleased to introduce a revolutionary product that offers a bundled solution to meet both of the above compelling needs. Yes, a single box offering seamless Wi-Fi connectivity inside the room that also connects to the TV through which guests can stream all their content from their mobile devices, iPad, Tablet and Laptop on to the room TV.