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The Graham Hotel

The Graham Hotel sits in the heart of Georgetown, a historic port town that predates the establishment of the federal district and formation of Washington D.C. itself. Georgetown’s roots as a center of commerce, intellectualism, and innovation carry on today: centuries-old buildings and weathered cobblestone streets are home to families, students, and young professionals, who give Georgetown its distinct residential feel and traditional yet modern character. Head to nearby downtown Washington D.C. to experience the nation’s most notable landmarks, memorials, and museums, or stay in the neighborhood to indulge in world-class shopping and dining—and don’t forget a stop at Georgetown Cupcake to take home a sweet treat! When you’re ready for a break, take a stroll along the C & O Canal Towpath, an idyllic trail that runs along the Potomac River, to find peace and serenity in the heart of this dynamic urban center.
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