Volo Hospitality Systems

Volo Hospitality Systems Volo is an in-room tablet solution that gives your guests interactive, touchscreen access to all of your property amenities. Volo will prove to be a profit center, not a cost, by driving revenue through a variety of avenues. Volo is built from the ground up using scalable cloud architecture. With no upfront costs and minimal staff training, Volo can be deployed as a stand-alone, drop-and- go solution or integrated with your existing systems. Ultimately, more engagement and a better guest experience translates to real and measurable value to your property.

Systems Associates, Inc., makers of SynergyMMS, announces partnership with Volo Hospitality Systems

Systems Associates, Inc., makers ofSynergyMMS, a hotel operational efficiency software system, announced its partnership with Austin, TX-based Volo! Hospitality Systems, an in-room tablet solution. This integration will produce improved guest experience and staff service in hotels everywhere.