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EthosWe transform buildings into social lodging environments for inspiration and connection of likeminded mavericks. We are a group of entrepreneurs that have experienced the existing pain and incurred the high cost of traveling for business. We also know the isolation and hard times establishing relevant connections in the big cities that travelers experience. The questions that left us frustrated were: How can I afford a nice hotel? Why would I burn cash on a shared Airbnb? Where can I meet like-minded people when traveling for business? Our belief is that the biggest impact is achieved through expanding personal networks and experiencing new places and cultures. Therefore, we are providing our members with a new travel option built only on what you really need and nothing you don’t. It is all about privacy, affordability, quality of your sleep, and connection to a community of like-minded individuals. The interaction with Ethos happens in our physical locations and digital platform. We promise exceptional comfort, care, and control through smart, delightful, and unexpected elements during your stay. Think of us as the best rated local Airbnb guide for entrepreneurial business professionals.
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Janko Milunovic

CEO of Ethos