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Viewpoint10 June 2019

Artificial Intelligence… Where could and should AI be adopted in our industry?

Information Technology

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Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO at HospitalityNet
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Jai Govindani
Chief Technology Officer at Red Planet Hotels

By AI I think we typically refer to ML (Machine Learning). ML could be leveraged in various aspects - yielding by anticipating guest arrival/departure times, anticipating guest requests, even planning/anticipating staff capacity. The issue, as always, is the data - integrations between hospitality systems are still not universal, data is still siloed, and the quality of the data itself is generally low due to human error which should be compensated for, but is generally magnified by complex and difficult-to-use technology platforms. This means that while ML could benefit the industry, the data infrastructure within hospitality companies required to realize these benefits is 'not quite there' yet.

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