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Viewpoint15 July 2019

My biggest frustration with hotel-tech when booking or staying at a hotel!

Information Technology

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Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO at HospitalityNet
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Uli Pillausupplier view
Founder and CEO of Apaleo

Is it direct booking at the hotel website, online payments, check-in, check-out resulting in long queues and waiting times for hotel guests? Really hard to decide, but ultimately it is the missing mobile guest journeys for hotels that drive me crazy every time I travel. During my trips I have taken tons of pictures when I arrived at a or departed from a hotel. Every single of them shows long lines of people trying to register or pay for their invoices. In airline business you have all options of doing everything online, and even in hotel technology greats & affordable apps are available. The hospitality industry should do everything to drive digitilization forward and offer a smoother guest experience.

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