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Viewpoint18 July 2019

Is our industry lagging behind due to a lack of proper education?

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Hospitality HR experts estimate there are 100,000 open IT and digital marketing positions in hospitality in North America alone. This labor shortage and lack of adequate investments jeopardize the introduction of the latest technology applications and best practices, curbs new implementations and stifles technology innovations in the industry.  Is the lack of proper education - hospitality technology degrees and courses at hospitality schools, and professional development opportunities on hotel IT and digital marketing - the reason for this labor shortage and for the industry falling behind from a technology perspective? What's your take?

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Max Starkov, Adjunct Professor NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality, Founder & Director at NextGuest Digital
Larry Mogelonsky
Managing Director Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited

I cannot vouch for the estimated shortfall in positions, but I agree that the hospitality industry has a significant educational void that needs to be closed. I've audited the curriculum of a few hotel schools tied to respected universities. I was appalled at the lack of course materials dedicated to technological advances in our industry. And why is this so? Simply this: the past five plus years have seen a radical expansion in available tech tools for the hotelier. It is challenging for hotels to keep up with these innovations, even with a robust IT department. How can educators be expected to do so when they have not time (or budget) to attend shows like HITEC or HTNG?

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