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Viewpoint28 August 2019

Attribute Based Shopping - A blessing or a bane?

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

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Attribute Based Shopping - A blessing or a bane?
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Klaus Kohlmayr, Chief Evangelist at IDeaS Revenue Solutions
Giulia Eremita
Marketing professional, speaker, lecturer and journalist in the field of Digital Tourism

While ABS is something which comes naturally in the airlines model, where customers already expect to pay for certain variables, in the hospitality it cannot be taken for granted. Just because it worked for airlines, it doesn't mean it will for the hospitality industry.

Let's look at the case of the Malaysian hotel group, Tune Hotels (founded by the low-cost airline AirAsia co-founder, Tony Fernandes), a no-frill budget hotel chain. Here guests, starting from a very low rate, could add on accessories (blankets, towels...), more consumption, even a window in room! Just a few years later, Tune Hotels in London closed and got rebranded; in the TH official website, it states today: “We're All In! No more top-ups or add ons”. Why that?

Honestly, I believe more in a great SPA, a decent Restaurant, other few amenities as strong drivers of revenue for a hotel. While in the room, the most distinctive feature for additional revenue today is its own flair. I also believe in the customer's journey and its different purchasing needs at different times, which could be, one day, controlled by some big tech players.

But I am still not convinced by ABS for hotel rooms and ABS as the way to personalization. Open for a different view.

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