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Viewpoint24 September 2019

Climate Emergency And The Hospitality Industry: Are We On Track?

Sustainability in Hospitality

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Willy Legrand , Professor of Hospitality Management at the IUBH International University
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Elena Cavagnaro
Professor of Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism at Stenden University of Applied Sciences

During a visit to the new Van der Valk hotel in my hometown Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) I asked the owner why he chose to finance the massive investment needed to build a BREEAM certified property. He answered: “ I am not a sustainability adept; yet if my property would not get an excellent BREEAM certificate, it would lose 20% of its value at the moment of opening”.

This anecdote illustrates not only that there are many ways to a carbon-free society but also that markets have a major role to play. To this I would like to add that legislation is also key in pushing hoteliers and investors towards carbon-neutral buildings. In Amsterdam, for example, the municipality decided some years ago that all new hotel property development projects should satisfy the highest possible BREEAM standards. Since then, Amsterdam got hotels such as Jakarta and Q/O: outstanding examples of sustainable properties.

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