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Viewpoint10 October 2019

Why are there so many hospitality technology vendors in our industry? (Part I)

Digital Marketing in Hospitality

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This viewpoint was created by
Max Starkov, Adjunct Professor NYU Tisch Center for Hospitality and Hospitality & Online Travel Tech Consultant
Giulia Eremita
Marketing professional, speaker, lecturer and journalist in the field of Digital Tourism

Some solutions may define themselves "One-Stop" but in fact, the market seems not to be offering the final solution for the hoteliers. This is mainly due to the constantly changing/upgrading demand in terms of software features and integrations and the still consistent offering of tailor-made products. In addition, the raising of vacation rental has somehow re-shaped the hotelier demands and standards making the whole scenario even more complex.

In the future, the viability of a one-stop solution may be depending on the merge or two or more big complementary players. This may help them - perhaps via a modular offer - cover all the customer requirements and get really close or even achieve what can be defined as a real one-stop solution. 

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