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Viewpoint19 December 2019

Does IT provide a strategic advantage?

2020 C-SUITE World Panel

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Lyle Worthington, Technology Executive and Consultant & Past President of HFTP Global
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Anil Goel
Group Chief Technology and Product Officer, OYO Hotels & Homes

The Hospitality Industry is betting big on technology right from enhancing the customer experience to efficient operations, cost-effective budgets, improved services and more. The role of Information Technology in enabling the identification of breakthroughs and setting of benchmarks in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry over the last decade is tremendous.

At OYO Hotels & Homes, technology is deeply embedded in our DNA. It is core to OYO's growth and is a competitive advantage for us in the global hospitality industry. We are the first hospitality company in the world to invest in innovative and advanced technology to offer excellent customer experience and drive a sustainable business for asset owners. Technology enables us in taking ownership of the end-to-end customer experience, right from the search and booking process to in-room amenities, service-delivery and check-out. We map the customer journey to the smallest detail and provide moments of delight at each step.

It is enabling us to create quality accommodation for over 3.2 billion middle-income people in the world. We have an in-house stack of proprietary technology powering 20+ applications for all our stakeholders, including customers, asset owners and employees. Backed by 400+ microservices and 2,100+ engineers and data scientists drive its proprietary technology spread across multiple locations, we are able to deliver a consistent and standardized experience to travellers.

It will be exciting to see how upcoming advancements will enable more personalized and delightful experience for the consumer.

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