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Viewpoint 4 March 2020

What is your take on the coronavirus and its impact on our industry?

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Erik Muñozsupplier view
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at

We have experienced a variety of natural disasters and multiple contagions in the past and each time we rebound to previous levels of social and business behaviors — the question is though — how long will it take for a complete recovery?

At the time of writing, it appears as though the rate of growth of this virus has slowed down for the first time in China, where it is believed the virus originated. China is now enforcing a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving into their major cities from a foreign country where the virus is still in a rapid growth phase.

With similar flu viruses, the European summer months of July and August should greatly reduce the presence of the virus, and thereby support a full rebound in summer tourism and travel. We are likely to have to accept a 'new normal' in colder months, aka 'flu season', in terms of increased levels of hygiene and reduced levels of person-to-person contact. Hotels are already providing liquid hand sanitizers in public areas, so we should expect a lot more awareness of infection control in our daily lives from now on.

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