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Viewpoint27 April 2020

Top Strategies for Post-Crisis Planning in Urgent Times of Wellbeing and Health

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Top Strategies for Post-Crisis Planning in Urgent Times of Wellbeing and Health
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Mia Mackman, Managing Director HVS and Principal Spa and Wellness Consulting
Robert Vance
Chief Wellness Officer at The WellSpring Group

We currently have the benefit of time; how we use it to prognosticate and plan for the copious scenarios we may face in the months and years ahead will ultimately determine the path forward for our industry.  A few suggested initiatives that we should consider as high-priority in our post-crisis planning should be:

  • A Wellness-lead Reopen.  Prioritize the safe, strategic and likely staggered reopen of your spa, fitness and wellness programs as a first priority in hotel and resort environments.  When restrictions are minimized many of your guests will have been in at least partial isolation for months and there will be a deep desire for self-care. They will need our support in addressing the absence of touch, the absence of silence and the time to process the mental and physical toll these crises have inflicted.
  • Keep it close to home.  With restrictions on domestic and interstate travel likely to continue you have the opportunity to serve your community and drive-market's needs while reigniting your business.  Consider providing more pricing flexibility to make the decision to spend on their self-care palatable during this time of vulnerability. 
  • Don't abandon generosity.  Continue to show generosity and compassion for your staff, your guests and the community even as we move into the post-crisis phase.  Explore how you can bring back and utilize staff for community recovery efforts.
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