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Viewpoint27 April 2020

Top Strategies for Post-Crisis Planning in Urgent Times of Wellbeing and Health

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Top Strategies for Post-Crisis Planning in Urgent Times of Wellbeing and Health
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Mia Mackman, Managing Director HVS and Principal Spa and Wellness Consulting
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Stephanie Rest
Founder & CEO at WE Consulting Spa & Wellness

The Caribbean, a region primarily reliant on tourism, will continue to be majorly impacted over the next several months during the pandemic. Destinations are not only impacted by the loss of overnight guests but additionally by the 12 million travelers who take excursions by Cruise Ship annually, where small businesses rely on the cruise travelers daily spend.  The positive news is some destinations are reporting complete recovery including Anguilla & Bonaire, ensuring that they will be highly sought out places to visit after the travel-ban is lifted. 

Industry Standards are Shifting-

  • The 4th wall of hospitality will disappear. All properties will be required to have sanitation policies that are forefront and center for guests to see and be incorporated in. Self-sanitation kits throughout their stay, self-cleaning hotel rooms, and perhaps even back of the house tours. Making guests comfortable, safe, and ensuring sanitation will be the utmost priority of customer satisfaction. 
  • Business travel will continue to be very limited.  Business, as usual, has ceased to exist and industries are learning how to do things online. A few examples: are the bounty of corporate meetings, e-learning, sales calls that are being done more effectively without travel. We've been pushed into a new world and now that we are there, we will not be returning to business as usual. 
  • There will be an awakening of disconnection & wellness.  There is greater interest than ever in wellness and wellbeing. In an overly connected world, retreats, communing with nature, and properties that offer experiences to disconnect and reconnect with the earth will be highly sought out. This is an essential time to speak about how you connect with and support your destination, community, and employees- as travelers will be driven by ethics and what you are embodying as a brand. Let us tell those stories well.
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