Most hoteliers agree that, at least for the foreseeable future, hotel stays will be different. Guests will be more conscious about hygiene, social distancing and expecting a contactless guest-journey. At the same time, most hotels DO NOT HAVE the means right now to make big investments in cutting-edge new tech.

So we ask ourselves, what are the inexpensive, easy, and quick to implement solutions that hotels could be implementing today to support changed guest-expectations?

Juanjo  Rodriguez
Juanjo Rodriguez
Founder, The Hotels Network

IT solutions for the current situation can be split into two areas: in-property interactions and communication. First, in the hotel, there are straightforward steps like online check-in and check-out. Second, during the guest-journey, starting on the hotel's website booking process all the way until the post-stay phase, clear communication with the guest is paramount. Messaging has to be able to cover every step, be personalized to each guest, and quickly adapt to changing conditions.

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