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Viewpoint10 August 2020

Thoughts and recommendations for CYBER HITEC!

Information Technology

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Thoughts and recommendations for CYBER HITEC!
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Henri Roelings, Founder & CEO at Hospitality Net
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Carson Boothsupplier view
Chief Operating Officer at Fetch (Pos8)

I am very excited to see Cyber HITEC. For full disclosure as an HFTP board member, there was a significant amount of debate over the full effectiveness a cyber-only event could bring to the industry. We are at very different times these days and ultimately, the safety of our patrons is the top priority. However, the work ethic has dramatically changed this year as well with remote/home office and video conferencing becoming a new normal. This ability to remotely participate during and after Cyber HITEC will bring new participants and new opportunities to the industry and it is my hope and desire that Cyber HITEC remains alongside the future in-person HITECs. I will miss seeing everyone (#23) but wish all a safe rest of crazy 2020 and beyond.

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