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Special Series18 August 2020

Special Series:Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Cloud PMS

Visioning a post-COVID Era

— 10 suppliers shared their view

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Visioning a Post-COVID Era in Cloud PMS

In this viewpoint, we asked 10 leading PMS providers to share their views and thoughts on how PMS will change in the post-COVID era.

Linda Vallnersupplier view
Vice President Business Development at protel hotelsoftware GmbH

Let's start by asking ourselves if there ever will be a post-COVID era - has the world not changed so much that we will one day look back and consider the time to be either before or after “VIRUS AWARENESS” became a global phenomenon? The time hospitality showed its resiliency, the time we went to virus-war and won. Because, of course, we will win. In the upheaval we are experiencing, technology and hotels fight side by side. Problems are being solved, and features are being developed. What will be the most significant changes for PMS? 

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