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Viewpoint31 August 2020

The (Green) Recovery Imperative: Hospitality Re-Set Or Bouncing Forward?

Sustainability in Hospitality

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This viewpoint was created by
Willy Legrand, Professor of Hospitality Management at the IUBH International University
Henri Kuokkanen
Associate Professor at Institut Paul Bocuse

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the point of view, a bounce back to the pre-COVID world is unlikely. Leisure travel will eventually recover. However, business travel may never reach the volumes seen earlier, as the crisis could finally prompt the long-predicted conversion to online meetings and permanently shrink this segment. This, of course, is good for the environment but not so for the industry.

Therefore, the road to recovery is unclear. Plenty of research suggests customers prefer and endorse responsible and green practices. The subsequent questions are 1) which of those practices truly matter to the customer, and 2) how hotels can meet this demand for sustainability and convince customers of their genuine good intentions. One possible solution is to convert the sustainability approach from developing separate initiatives to creating responsible and sustainable experiences that are meaningful to the guests. This would require the application of techniques used in experience design to sustainability and transform the field into a new direction for a green recovery.

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