There is so much data that a hotel has or can have access to... but in most cases, there's no one who understands how to translate these data into actionable insights on a hotel's current and future business. A vast array of external and publically available data can influence a hotel's performance, its offering and allows the hotel to be better at what it delivers to its guests and its shareholder. Years of underutilized data are sitting in PMS, POS, CRM, and other systems. More than ever hotels need to justify investments and budgets. So will a data scientist be able to give these answers?

Floor Bleeker
Floor Bleeker
Chief Technology Officer at Accor

Before data scientists can to their job properly we need to find structured ways of collecting and consolidating our data. It's true that we have a lot of data floating around our industry but it still sits in many different places and even the ownership of the data is unclear. 

Vendors often present flashy dashboards and BI tools but once implemented they fail to the deliver, not because the platforms aren't any good but because the underlying data is inconsistent and lacks integrity. I have worked with a number of data scientists and especially the ones from outside the industry are left frustrated.

To get the real power out of our data we need to have a strong data governance and then consolidate what we have in a consistent manner, perhaps through a data orchestration layer to start with.

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