As spa development and wellness momentum continue to thrive, understanding the nuances associated with advancing this new growth is acute to evolving meaningful and successful investment choices. This viewpoint asks panel experts to share why these programs are worthy of investment and how they add value to hospitality experiences. Various challenges related to COVID-19 have accelerated prevalent needs for new operational, and technological changes. Whereas the ripples of 2020 are expected to reverberate for a few years. This viewpoint also shares thoughts on how companies, stakeholders, and developers can enhance existing businesses and make tactical investments for 2021 and beyond.

Mia Mackman
Mia Mackman
Managing Director HVS and Principal Spa and Wellness Consulting

The traumatic events of 2020 have shed new light on essential things. The energy of this year has also provoked new dynamism pertaining to a broad spectrum of societal, world, and personal lifestyle goals. Amongst vast uncertainty and economic turbulence, there is a widespread and deeply felt sense of loss, nostalgia, and industry vacillation. The convergence of these conditions has rapidly accelerated already present and increasing sociodemographic-lifestyle, and wellness demand characteristics.

As we look into 2021 and beyond, travel and hospitality segments are likely to face further unfamiliar territory. Many of these challenges will warrant helpful, yet inescapable changes. The hospitality market faces a significant intersection of essential innovation. The need to model new and different guest experiences that exist to improve the emotional, physical, and spiritual foundations has become increasingly important and valuable. Whereas there are distinct benefits in rural areas and nature, properties set in urban areas may need to consider a more dramatic approach to wellness propositions to unlock the potential of these program integrations.

The necessity to invest in and accelerate well-being is upon us. While these investments can be weighty, there are rewarding ways to phase, scale, and activate programs that evoke and build meaning and trust, while also providing a strong ROI. These actions add intrinsic value, create new traditions, and support guests in ways they may need most.  

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