eInsight™ CRM

eInsight CRM provides enterprise marketing automation and guest intelligence to enhance the experience throughout the guest journey. Drive loyalty and leverage real-time data to provide personalized one-to-one communications for every guest.


  • Single guest view: Keep guest favorites, likes/dislikes, offers and more in your master Guest Profile – your data's single source of truth.
  • Personalization: Use rich guest profile data to define and segment target audiences based on stay history, preferences, loyalty status, lifetime value score and more.
  • Marketing automation: Engage customers throughout the guest journey using automation, segmentation, and dynamic content that powers relevant and personalized experiences.
  • Email marketing: Create on brand campaigns targeted with the right message for the right guest.
  • Business Intelligence: Visualize and analyze your marketing data to discover wins and insights with powerful reporting tools, driven by Microsoft Power BI.
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